Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yochien Entrance Ceremony

Tuesday morning was Logan & Kelsie's official Entrance Ceremony for yochien.  After reading some crazy stories online about different people's experiences I was a little worried, but it wasn't that bad at all.  In the picture above Logan's teacher was introducing him to his new class.  Both kids will be the only gajins ("foreigners") in their classes.  Some schools have more gajins, but the area of Tokyo we decided to live in has very few foreigners. We could have put the kids into an international school, but decided since we'll only be here for a relatively short about of time we should make the most of it...plus the kids are at a perfect age to learn a new language.  (Another side note: International schools are INSANELY expensive)

Before the ceremony, Logan's class gathered for a class picture.  Can you find Logan? lol

Below is Yumoto-sensai, the Yochien's Headmaster.  She is a super sweet lately and the only one who speaks English at the school. :)  She is the main reason the kids were able to get into this yochien.  She has been super understanding and helpful, since we're totally clueless.

All of the new students and their mothers (or dads).  I missed the memo to wear black.  Also, Kelsie was just being friendly and waving back at the photographer. :)

After the ceremony we decided to go out to lunch to celebrate.  We found a new restaurant by our house that  was delicious!  We'll be going back.  The only thing that makes me sad is that most restaurants in Japan allow smoking.  They usually have a non-smoking section, but you can still usually smell all of the smoke.  When we first got there only one person was smoking, but by the end of our meal we were dying to leave. :(

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