Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quirky Things About Japan Pt.4

  1. Most grocery stores open at 10am.  Elementary schools start around 8:30am and Yochiens start around 9am.  Why make the stay-at-home moms wait?  Not cool.
  2. Our 7-Eleven sometimes sells fruit cheaper than the grocery stores...and they open at 7am. :)
  3. Amazon deliveries usually arrive the next day WITHOUT Amazon Prime.  If you have Amazon Prime, there is a good chance you can get your item the same day.
  4. The Japanese don't use online shopping, pretty much except Amazon.  It's totally foreign to them.  (even stores like The Gap, etc.)
  5. Yochien and Elementary schools make "Home Visits" in lieu of parent-teacher conferences. (See previous post)
  6. Hotels charge per person, not per room.  Makes it a lot harder to travel as a family.  And they only have wired internet.  If you're lucky, it's free.
  7. Hotel beds are HARD, especially at Japanese hotels.  So far the Sheraton has the only bed that hasn't killed my back.
  8. Sushi is cheaper and better in Japan. (or so I've been told)
  9. For such a hot and humid place (at least in the summertime), their deodorant choices are very slim.  A lot of people don't even wear it.  Kurt said it's because they don't eat a lot of beef, and beef is what makes you smell...
  10. All medicines and pharmacy type items have to be purchased at a drug store or at a special register.
  11. Streets in the Tokyo area are very narrow.  Another reason why I won't be driving here.
  12. Most restaurants only sell one type of food.  There might be a curry shop, sushi shop, ramen shop, katsu shop, etc.  Very rarely do you find a restaurant with all of the options in one place, like in the US.
  13. There are a lot of restaurants that are WAY cheaper to eat at for lunch than McDonalds with a lot healthier options.  Everyone seems to eat lunch out.  I ate lunch out with Kurt the other day for $5- rice bowl with meat, miso soup, and a salad!
  14. Most Japanese babies are fat and squishy (super cute!), but within a couple years they are toothpicks.
  15. Places don't sell/serve rootbeer or Sprite.  Fanta is HUGE here.  They have grape, orange, and melon flavors.  

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