Saturday, April 21, 2012

Logan's 1st Soccer Practice

A few of Logan's friends are part of a soccer team that practices at the elementary school just around the corner from our apartment.  Their parents were telling us all about it over dinner and suggested Logan join them.  The cost to join was a lot less then I was expecting, so we asked Logan if he'd like to try soccer.  I tried to get him involved in Boulder Creek, but after showing him a YouTube video of kids head-butting the ball he freaked out and wanted no part of it.  Because of that experience, I was thrilled when he said yes!

So, now Logan will have practices every Saturday from 11am-1pm and occasionally a game somewhere else.  Apparently they have some activities on Sunday, but we can just let them know that we won't be participating in those events.  I heard from a friend that his coach actually used to be a professional soccer player - so that's pretty cool.  He seems really nice and knows enough English to help Logan out.  You also might notice from the pictures that the kids are playing on dirt.  There is VERY little grass in Japan.  This dirt field in at the elementary school Logan will be going to next year.  The parks don't have grass either.  You'd think in such a lush climate they'd grow grass, but I think it's more of a maintenance issue.

Yes, that would be Logan with the cone on his head.
I've been getting a good laugh watching Logan.  Let's just say that soccer doesn't come naturally to him. Kurt has to keep reminding me that he's the youngest on the team (even though he's the same size) and he's only been to two practices so far...

I'm happy that he's trying something new and seems to be enjoying it so far.  One of my worries about being in Japan is that we wouldn't be able to have the kids involved in extra activities because of the language barrier or lack of information, so I'm excited for this opportunity!

These cute girls have to wait a couple years to play...although we agree they might be better than their brothers. lol  They had fun playing on the playground equipment and checking out the koi pond.

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