Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another Baby Check-up

At today's doctor visit I was privileged to have a scheduled 40 minute stress test...unfortunately mine ended up being longer. :(  The baby wasn't moving much, but just enough to throw off the monitors strapped to my belly- so the nurses kept having to come in and readjust things.  Once they got things worked out, they could tell baby girl was healthy and fine, but I wasn't having really any contractions to monitor.  I've definitely been having some contractions, but they are usually at night or first thing in the morning.  Also, those belly monitors have never really worked for me.  I remember when I was in labor with Logan they almost didn't admit me because I wasn't have strong contractions, when in reality the monitor just wasn't registering them.  It wasn't until they inserted an internal monitor that anything showed up....then they finally believed me!

After the stress test, I had my normal weight check, blood pressure test, ultrasound, and internal exam.  I gained a whopping 0.1 kg again (0.22 lbs).  Baby girl gained a little bit more than me - she's estimated to  be right around 6 pounds. 

During my internal exams, Dr. Nakabayashi keeps referring to a "Baker Scale", which I know nothing about.  (He could be referring to something totally different, but that is what I've been hearing. I've tried googling it, but nothing has come up, so I'm sure I am wrong. lol)  Last week I was around a 2 and this week around a 4.  He said an 8 is optimal for delivery.  So I'll be heading back to the hospital next week for another round of the same.  If I'm at least a 6, we can go ahead and schedule my induction. 

Kurt's already planning for the baby to arrive on May 18th, because it works best for his work schedule.  :)  He currently has an out of town appointment scheduled for May 24th ... 2 days before my due date.  We'll see how that all works out. 

My mom will be arriving from the US next Tuesday!!!  Only one more week.  We're all excited.  I'm hoping the baby comes not too long after her arrival, so we can enjoy getting out and doing some things towards the end of her visit.  She'll be staying for 3 1/2 weeks total.

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Travis Wilson said...

In regards to your mother's visit, just keep in mind what happened to us. Lindsay's mom's flight came at night about 10pm. Burke was born (in our half-bathroom) the next morning about 7am. Be careful what you wish for.


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