Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Induction Round Two

We're heading back to the hospital in the morning to start Induction #2.  Hopefully it works this time!  I'm a bit more optimistic than before, because:
  1. She's dropped a considerable amount.  Feeling lots of pressure - more like Logan and Kelsie. (I barely had to push once I finally was dilated with both of them)
  2. I measured an 8 something on whatever scale Dr. Nakabayashi has been using and he said before that an 8 was optimal for delivery.
  3. The baby is low enough he could break my water without any complications if necessary.
  4. Doctor also said I won't need the stick things they shoved in me last time because I'm past that point.
As of this morning they estimated Baby Avri to weigh just under 7 pounds, which is a pretty perfect weight if you ask me!  I do have a feeling that she is really long like her brother though. Even after dropping I've been getting some pretty good kicks to my upper abdomen.  She is super strong, making it really hard to go to sleep at night...which is why I'm blogging right now, when I should be sleeping.

So wish us luck!  Hopefully by late Wednesday we'll be holding out baby girl!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Good Luck! Hopefully she makes her appearance as scheduled this time!


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