Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Bye to Grandma

 We had a great 3+ weeks with my mom here in Japan.  Since Avri decided to come a little later than we were planning we didn't get to do as many "fun" things as I hoped, but hopefully mom still enjoyed her time here.  I know we did.  It was her very first time on an international flight and she came by herself....which is a bit out of her comfort zone, but she did great.

She was a great help taking or picking up the kids from yochien, helping with meals, doing the dishes, spoiling the kids at the 100 yen shop (dollar store), going outside so Kelsie could ride her scooter, etc.

3 generations pic.  (We have 4 living, my grandma is currently 90 years old.)

We were very sad to see my mom leave. The 3 weeks went by too fast.  
Now it's just us and our newly formed family of five.
We're surviving...and can't wait to see Grandma again in October.

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