Friday, July 27, 2012

2 Months and Counting

Our little shrimp is almost 2 months old.  She is the sweetest little baby.  Kurt took these pictures for me this morning.  Logan & Kelsie's modeling agent emailed me and asked if Avri could model too...they have a big job for Aprica coming up and wanted to submit her pictures.  I wasn't really planning to get her into anything right now, but the Aprica shoot is a pretty big one, so I thought why not.  I was supposed to take her in for an "audition" this afternoon, but the agent called late last night and said they cancelled it because of the heat and would just be doing a picture selection instead.  Thank goodness!  I was exhausted for running Logan and Kelsie everywhere this week and it's been smokin' hot lately.  (I will definitely be returning to the US next August!)

OK, back to Avri.  She's at that phase where she will start to smile and laugh, but as soon as you pull out the camera she stops.  Believe me she has the cutest little smile!  Also her baby acne finally cleared up, so we are back to smooth happy baby skin.  

She's still sleeping 8-9 hours at night and staying awake more during the day.  She's not as smiley as Kelsie was, but she is just a very alert, pleasant baby.  I noticed this week that she loves looking out the train windows and watching things go by.  She'd stretch her neck trying to look from inside the Baby Bjorn.  While we are on trains Avri pretty much lives inside the Baby Bjorn.  It's fast and convenient, plus you never know his stations won't have escalators or elevators.  My friend Necia was nice enough to let us borrow her sit and stand stroller for a little while.  We sold our massive Graco double stroller before we came in Japan because after visiting last November I realized it just wasn't going to be convenient.  So, instead I bought a Maclaren umbrella stroller.  They are on the pricey side, but I love it.  The only bummer is that Avri isn't quite big enough to ride in it yet...which is why we use the Sit and Stand.  Now, the dumb thing is that the older 2 fight over who can sit in it with Avri.  They are both constantly too tired to walk, when they used to be just fine.

Back to Avri again. :)  Notice the cute little crocheted booties?  My talented cousin Kathryn crocheted those for me, I mean Avri.  I love them.  Avri is going to outgrow this newborn outfit soon, so I hurried and made Kurt take a picture of her in it....and the booties matched perfectly!  

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