Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 Weeks

 Wow, these 7 weeks have flown by. Avri has been growing a ton lately.  I still need to weigh her, but she's a great little eater.  And as of last Saturday she sleeps through the night!!!  She's been going to bed lately around 10pm and waking up between 6-8am.  This is amazing for such a little one!  It has made the transition from two kids to three kids a whole lot easier.  I was a zombie for the first 9-10 weeks with Logan.

Besides her awesome sleeping habits, she is overall a great baby.  I could be cursing myself writing about it, but I am extremely thankful for her right now.  I think Heavenly Father knew I was struggling with the idea of moving to Japan, especially while pregnant, and decided to help me out a little bit. :)

We all just love her to pieces.

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