Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Little Model

I think Logan is finally starting to get a hang of this whole modeling thing.  Kurt took him to an audition tonight that apparently went really really well.  He's perfected the "Cool Guy" look (not pictured above).  According to Kurt and Logan the "Cool Guy" is when you look serious at the camera.  The last photographer called it "relaxed".  I think it was fun for Kurt because he understood what the photographers were saying in Japanese, while I am usually clueless.

I'm glad that Logan is starting to have fun with the whole experience.  It's a great opportunity for him to earn some money for the future (college).  He already has finished one shoot, has one booked for next week, and several more potential shoots in the works (included this one from tonight).  Kurt said that they only had every 4th or 5th kid try clothing on and Logan was one of them...and there were a lot fewer boys than girls, so we are hopeful.  Also Logan LOVED his boots.  He wanted to keep them because they were so soft.

This is the magazine he'll be in next month:

P.S. Kelsie booked her first shoot for next Wednesday.  It's a wedding photo shoot.  I'm guessing she'll be a flowergirl which she will LOVE!

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