Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a.v.v. Photo Shoot

I discovered I'm not near as good as Kurt at taking pictures at a photo shoot...although maybe it's because I was holding onto Avri the entire time?  

Anyways, Logan did great today.  He had a photo shoot for a.v.v. clothing, which is a Japanese? clothing brand.  I saw one of their stores at a shopping mall in Odaiba when we visited there last.  This photo shoot is for a graphic advertisement.  The photographer and the rest of the staff were super nice and fell in love with Avri.  While waiting for the other models to get ready he took a family picture of us and then emailed it to me.  I don't look great because I wasn't expecting to get MY picture taken, but oh well, it was nice of him.

Logan ended up having his picture taken in 3 different outfits and got to play around with a bunch of musical instruments.  Most of his pictures were taken with adorable eastern European little girl (maybe Russian?).  It was fun watching them play together even though the only language they had in common was broken Japanese.

At the end they brought two adult models to play "mom" and "dad".  The guy was super nice.  I think he was French.  He fell in love with Avri and even took her binky and washed it after it hit the ground.  He was very concerned about the effects of the radiation on her, etc.  It was pretty funny.  Anyways, he was a way better model than the girl.  He totally interacted with the little girl which made for some amazing pictures of them.  The girl model was kind of blah.  She didn't try to interact with either of the kids...

Overall, we had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow is Kelsie's big day!

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