Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Baby Weight

The weight loss challenge begins!  I asked Kurt to buy me a scale for my birthday so I could start tracking the baby and to be honest pre-baby weight.  He bought one off of and its awesome.  It remembers your last weight, measures your BMI, tells you how many calories you should be eating, etc.  It's pretty sweet.

Now it's time to put it to work!  I weighed myself last night and realized that I've lost almost 5 pounds in the last week without trying..just doing things I had to do (i.e. take kids back and forth to school, go to Costco, etc) and definitely NOT dieting.  Although, I guess I did also carry around an extra 7-8 pounds of baby the entire time.  (Avri is too little for the stroller we brought, so she travels in the Baby Bjorn.)  So, I'm pretty excited.  I'm DEFINITELY sure all of the weight I want to lose will not come off that easy, but I did pack a lot of my "skinny" clothes to Japan in hopes that some of it will.

After I have my postpartum check-up I'm hoping Kurt and I can start a little P90X again.  I don't want to do the entire strict program, but I'm hoping we can do some it a couple times a week.  I definitely need the Ab-ripper thanks to Avri.

My overall goal is to be close to the weight I was when we got married by the end of February.  We're hoping to take a trip to Hawaii around then, so I thought that would be a good motivator.  Wish me luck!

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Robin said...

Good luck! Walking so much certainly will help. I'm also on the losing baby weight wagon... Ugh.


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