Monday, July 09, 2012

Logan's 1st Shoot

Logan did so good at his photo shoot this morning and he looked so cute.  I wish I could have sneaked a couple pictures, but I didn't want to get in trouble...He looked hilarious in these big black rimmed glasses, wool suit coats, bow ties, funky boots, etc.  He got to sit on what I think was an antique pommel horse and also an antique rocking horse.  He had 4 different outfits.  While wearing 2 of the outfits he posed with another little girl around his age.  The antique store was actually pretty cool for pictures.  Kurt would have loved it.

He should be in Sesame Magazine next month.  I'm pretty sure it's cheap or free within Japan, so we'll try to get a couple extra copies for the grandparents.  When I looked online, it was expensive to have an international subscription.

Kurt actually took Logan to another audition tonight for Daihatsu, a Japanese car company.  The audition was for their 2013 calendar.  I was going to turn down the audition since he already had the shoot this morning, but they really wanted him to go (it also was a better paying job). Kurt's pretty sure  he didn't get it, but it was worth a shot!

We have several more jobs we're waiting to hear from for Logan and Kelsie.  Some have in-person auditions and others just do a photo selection.  It could be a busy summer!

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Melanie and Jared said...

That is so exciting, I hope you are able to post pictures someday!


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