Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Neighborhood

Cement grey building on the right is our apartment complex.  I believe there are 8 apartments.  We are on the ground floor.  The basket and blue net attached to the pole is for garbage collection.  People don't have individual garbage cans like in the US.  Each day (well 4 days in our case) a different type of garbage is collected.  The net is used to cover all of the bags so the birds, etc.  can't get into the garbage.

 Go straight - Local shogako (elementary school).  Logan will start there next April when the new school year starts.
Turn right - The road we live on.
Turn around - You're either on your way to 7-Eleven or the train station.
Left - empty parking lots

The green walkway on the left is to help the elementary school kids walk safely to school.
 View of empty parking lot overgrown with weeds.  We often take the little path as a short cut to the train station.  It really isn't so much of a short cut as a way the kids won't get hit by a car or a bike. :)
Kelsie by the coin parking lot.  There is no such thing as free parking in Japan, unless you're at Costco or someplace similar. Any one who visits us by car has to park in one of these little lots.

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