Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Change in Weather

The weather is changing here in Tokyo, right on schedule (note LONG sleeves).  Unfortunately that also means that there is a high likelihood of nasty stuff being passed around...and we are not immune.  Kelsie started off with a fever last Tuesday, Logan on Friday, Avri on Sunday, Kurt on Monday, and me?  I've been to busy to notice, but I haven't been feeling too great either.  Luckily, the kids seem to be on the mend with just a lingering cough left.  The masks have reappeared too, in an effort to avoid dirty looks on the trains.

Cute Kelsie story:
Tuesday night she was feeling really lousy.  She had a fever, was lethargic, etc.  I asked her if she'd like her Daddy to give her a blessing.  She did.  Her blessing said that she would be healed quickly if she had faith.  After her blessing, she said a special prayer asking Heavenly Father to make her better.  The next morning she came into our room and said that her prayers were answered and she could go back to school. :)

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