Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five Fox Shoot

The pictures are in reverse, but I am too tired to fix them....Anyways here are a few cell phone pictures from Logan's Five Fox shoot.  He got this one from an audition that I was almost certain he wouldn't get because he was in one of his silly moods at the audition.  But apparently they are ok with a 6 year old silly little boy, because they picked him and he might do another shoot for him next week.  He did look very handsome in their clothes. Funny this is, he modeled their clothes once before with Riley (little girl below) for an Isetan ad.  (Isetan is a huge mall like Macy's)
Logan took over the photographer's camera again and had fun directing Riley around.
"Little Smile!  Good!  Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Playing with the camera was probably the most fun he had at the shoot.  This client wanted some serious kiddos for their catalog.

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