Sunday, September 09, 2012

Almost 8 Months in...

I guess we must be finally settled into Japan, because things don't stand out as weird anymore.  I must just be used to things.  Kurt's definitely proud of my ability to navigate the crazy train systems.
He's pretty sure I've been to more places than him, dragging the kids around everywhere for their auditions or shoots.  When we first moved here I wouldn't go anywhere without him.  I just rely on Googlemaps for everything.  Also, in Tokyo all of the signs are written in Japanese AND English.  There is no way I'd survive outside of Tokyo.

I also rely heavily on Costco for "American" food items, but we are eating more and more Japanese dishes.  But the truth is, we eat out a lot.  Food, even groceries, are really expensive here.  I don't think we waste that much money eating out most of the time.

Since things don't seem to stand out as much anymore, it's hard to decide what to blog about.  So, I thought I'd open my blog up to answer questions.  Leave me a comment and I'll try to answer (or have Kurt answer) any questions about Japan or our life here that you might have.

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