Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sesame - November edition

Looks like I'll be buying several copies of this magazine...Logan did 3 outfits/pictures for them earlier this week and 5 more on Saturday!  That means we will most likely have 8 full page pictures in the magazine (1 by himself, 7 with another model).

I worry off and on about Logan modeling...Am I making him do it? Is he enjoying it?  Is is worth it? (I know he'll love me when he's older when his college is paid for!)
After visiting with him I realized that he really does enjoy the actual modeling part of it and interacting with the photographers and kids.  He just hates changing clothes!

On this particular shoot, when he wasn't whining about changing clothes I could tell he was having a lot of fun.  They used a green screen for 3 of his 5 pictures and he got to act things out more, rather than just being "cool guy".  He came up with this super cute little bunny pose all by himself and the photographer ended up loving it.

He had a lot of fun with these bear paws too.

Apparently he won this chess game...

He wouldn't leave the photographer alone until she inserted their Diesel superhero picture into this shot. lol  (Logan had been eyeing the light saber all day long and was so excited that he got to use it!
Lastly, after his last picture Logan got behind the camera.  His friend Thomas and the little girl pictured above were posing for him.  Logan started looking through the camera and was totally directing them...."No. No. No. Yes! Yes! Yes!"  It was HILARIOUS!

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