Friday, September 07, 2012

My 3 Japanese Models

I'm sure those that actually read our blog are probably sick of all of the modeling pictures, but this is my journal and it's what we've been up to lately!

Avri's First Photo Shoot with Combi-mini

She was in a great mood and they got some amazing shots of her.  I can't wait to see them in the catalog.  They were shooting 3 different three month old babies.  They rotated through as the slept and ate.  Modeling is hard work!

 Logan's Sesame Shoot (November issue, comes out in October)
Logan got to be a vampire. He thought the teeth were really cool, except he didn't like drooling. :)

He looked very handsome in this little outfit.  I think this shot was my favorite from this shoot.  It was very pretty.

 The trumpet was very heavy making it very awkward for Logan at first, but he finally got the hang of it.  He loved it!

The crown reappeared for this shoot. (Her wore it in his last shoot with Sesame.) Logan thought they made his hair look a little girly. lol  Really the kids just needs a haircut.

 This little birthday shoot was adorable.  In some of the pictures Logan looked like the annoying little brother trying to get his big sister to follow him. This picture is going to be fun.  Can't wait to see it!

Kelsie & Logan's Mikihouse Shoot

Today was a lot of fun.  The kids had a shoot together, well kind of.  They'll be on the same website, but they didn't take any pictures together. 

This shoot was the first shoot Kelsie auditioned for and got.  She was so excited. The dress looked darling on her and she loved that she got to wear makeup.  When Kelsie is on set for one of her own shoots, she turns into a different little girl - A sweet little smiley, obedient girl.

The crew on this set was hilarious.  They had a guy dressed up as Santa...this guy with the star and noisemakers...crazy glasses, etc.  They were trying to get the kids to look surprised and really happy.  It worked for the most part...except Santa made a little boy cry. lol  They had to take him out of the picture. :(

See how nicely Kelsie is sitting?  She didn't budge the whole time.  She just smiled and did as she was told. :)

Her shoot was done, time for fun!

Logan looking handsome.  I am actually look into buying his outfits.

Logan is turning into a little pro with a dozen photo shoots under his belt.
...and tomorrow we have another one.


Megan and Keli'i said...

Wow! So many shoots! Are you guys signed under an agency? What cute kids!

Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

They are! A friend in my ward recommended them - sugar and spice models. The best part is that they only had us pay 1000 yen per kid to sign with them...which is roughly $12.


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