Saturday, January 05, 2013

Imperial Palace

Walking to the Imperial Palace from Tokyo Station.
 I have no idea why we haven't visited the Imperial Palace up to this point, since EVERYONE who comes to Tokyo goes here...but we just hadn't.  The actual palace is closed off to the public since the Emperor and his family live there.  It is only open on the current Emperor's birthday and January 2nd.  On January 2nd he walks out to his balcony and greets the public and a couple times during the day.  We thought about going and joining all the craziness on the 2nd, but Kurt was working and wasn't feeling all that great.
 The garden areas surrounding the temple were very beautiful.  We plan to come back in the Spring or Summer when everything is blooming.  Kelsie was excited to visit somewhere where "REAL" princesses lived.  She was disappointed that she couldn't go inside and curtsy for them.
 Area surrounding the Palace grounds.
 Entering the Palace.  It is free to visit the Palace Gardens!  Bonus for Tokyo, where everything is expensive.

We had an impromptu photo shoot  This is Logan's "cool guy". lol

 Kelsie and Kurt looking serious.

The kids, Kelsie in particular, were so excited to see grass.  Kelsie asked, "Can we walk on it?!?"  

This appeared to be a root cellar that has the Palace on the other side.  There were lots of different food producing plants and trees throughout the gardens.

 Moat around the grounds.

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