Saturday, February 09, 2013

National Museum of Nature & Science/Ueno/Hard Rock

We had a 3-day weekend here in Japan and we wanted to start it off right!  We were hoping to go to Ueno Zoo, but it was a chilly, so we opted to go to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno Park.  We arrived to the park around lunch time, so we ate at this little cafe where Kelsie ordered panda curry.

Next we headed into the museum, probably the coolest museum we've ever been too.  I will say that Japan is a super expensive country to live in, but they do kids activities right!  It only cost Kurt and I about $5 to get into the museum and the kids were free!

Huge awesome collection of butterflies.  There were a lot more than this...

Forest area.  Avru really liked it.

Avri was a trooper, but finally crashed!

They had the largest and coolest collection of dinosaur bones we have ever seen.  Logan was in dinosaur heaven.

Huge dinosaur turtle above Logan.

The T-Rex.  Obviously Logan's favorite.

We also visited the Japanese collections.  The building was beautiful.

Hanging out in Ueno Park after the museum.

Avri's hat ALWAYS is covering her eyes. lol  She's learned how to hold it up.

Afterwards, our friends met us for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe!  We had so much fun!
Kelsie and Ayu were using the ketchup and mustard as microphones and rockin' out to the music.  Hopefully we'll get to go again sometime soon.

The big sisters took over the strollers on the way home. :)

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