Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Random Post

I think I feel finally settled in our life here because I can't think of new things to blog about.  Things  have been going well.  The kids only have a little more a month of school left!  Logan graduates from yochien on March 15th!  The kids then have a few weeks off from school.  During the break, we're spending 4 nights in Phuket, Thailand!  We are so excited!!!

A couple months ago I found an awesome deal through Travelzoo and we decided to take advantage of it.  The coolest part is that our hotel room as pool access, as in open a sliding door and there is the pool! I'm looking forward to being able to relax even while Avri is napping.  We probably won't be able to go and explore much of traditional Thailand, but we are going to enjoy the resort experience. :)

In other news, my friend Jamie from high school/church recently moved here to Tokyo with her husband and little boy Taylor.  We were able to take them out to dinner and visit.  It's fun having another familiar face around!

The kids are still modeling. Several of Logan's pictures are starting to actually be printed.  He did shoots for a lot of Spring/Summer catalogs last fall.  Kelsie has been busy lately too.  Her first big magazine comes out Thursday.  I am super excited to see it!  She did great at the shoot.

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