Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day One in Phuket

Our flight arrived into Phuket around 9:30am and check-in officially didn't open until 2pm.  By the time we picked up our luggage and arrived at the hotel, it was almost 11am.  We were happy to find out that our room would be available around noon!  We decided to leave our luggage at reception (which was all outside) and check out the resort.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort at Mai Khao Beach.

Kelsie was super excited when she noticed the trampoline.

Next was the awesome Kid's Club.  The kids were in heaven.  Children over the age of 4 can stay and hang out without their parents.  At first we thought that the whole idea of the Kid's Club was kind of for selfish parents who just wanted to dump off their children so they could have fun (and it may have been that for some parents), but our kids genuinely LOVED it.  Kelsie did crafts, had her face painted, and finger nails painted.  Logan mainly played the Wii, but we don't have one at home.  For us, it worked out great during Avri's nap time - sleeping is one of the hardest things to work out with 5 people in one room.

Parents are also allowed to hang out in the Kid's Club with their kids.  Avri liked to play with the balls. :)

Around noon, we finally checked into our room! When we got to our room we realized that we only had a King sized bed, a pack-n-play, and a round couch....for all five of us.  We were going to call and see if we could change rooms, but after reading the fine print on our voucher we decided not too (Any extra bedding, etc. would result in an extra fee.)  We made the best of the situation.  Kelsie fit best on the little round couch and Logan slept with Kurt and I (we're used to sleeping on a queen, so kings always feel huge.) 

After freshening up a little we went to lunch.  The resort had 3 different restaurants to choose from.  We enjoyed all three. :)

By now, the kids were SUPER anxious to get in the pool.  Our room had a sliding door that opened up to a pool.  SO nice!  We loved it.

Our room was the third or fourth sliding door behind Kelsie.  This pool is separate from the large main pool.

Kelsie and her face paint from the Kid's Club.

More of the resort:

Spa and Exercise Room

Trampoline (which the kids loved)

Mai Khao Beach

The Main Pool overlooking the beach/sea

Large Grassy Area where they showed movies a couple nights

Dinner pool side at Pesto.  We ate here almost every night.  Yummy Italian food with a great atmosphere. Also, it was awesome that the kids ate FREE at every meal.  At Holiday Inns, kids eat free with a paying adult. 

The also had full-on high chairs for Avri at every meal

More of the restaurant

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