Thursday, March 21, 2013

Traveling to Phuket

Wednesday night we headed to the train station with our suit cases and bags in tow.  A couple hours before we were planning to leave it started raining outside, but luckily about 20 minutes before it stopped!  We took the train to Kamata and then caught a taxi the rest of the way to Haneda International Airport.  We hung around the airport for a couple hours.  The kids were pretty wired, even as it was approaching midnight! 

We boarded our plane around midnight and departed at 12:15am.  We have LOVED the red eye flights we've taken with our kids.  It's a pain staying up late with them, but then magically this happens.....(see picture below).
No need to entertain them during 6-7 hour flight (9+ if we're flying to the US)!  We were also able to request a bassinet for Avri during the flight over.  Whoever invented these airplane bassinets is a saint.  Room for the baby to sleep undisturbed and extra leg room for the parents!
We LOVE flying JAL (Japan Airlines), except for one thing...the Japanese bento.  So not yummy, even by Kurt's standards.  I may or may not have sneaked some of the kids' breakfasts which included waffles, sausage, yogurt, fruit, etc.
During a short confusing layover in Bangkok we stopped into McDonalds for an egg McMuffin....Ronald greeted us very kindly.

After an hour or so flight, we arrived in Phuket!!!
After gathering our luggage and going through Customs and all that, we were greeted by annoying taxi drivers all wanting our money...I still don't think we got the best deal, but we did arrive at our hotel safely.

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