Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day Three in Phuket

Today was our big adventurous day away from Mai Khao Beach.  
We took a shuttle ride from our hotel into Patong AND survived. 

The drive into Patong from our hotel took a little over an hour.  
Some things we learned about driving in Thailand:
  1. Lines on the road are only guidelines.  Cutting corners is not only an option, but recommended.
  2. Speed limits are never obeyed, therefore highways must include speed bumps.
  3. Also every car on the road is a modified import and they are proud of their rims and their tail lights.
  4. A neighborhood only needs one car, preferably a truck with an open bed.
  5. Helmets on scooters are apparently optional.  Why wear one because you'll probably die anyways...
  6. 3+ people on one scooter is ok.

Like I mentioned initially, we are happy to be alive...although Logan did throw up in the lobby of the hotel we were dropped off at.  Luckily, it wasn't in the van.

If we ever wondered if Thailand was a third world country, it was quickly decidedly so once we visited Patong.  The air smelled like open sewer, liter everywhere, dirty taxis, etc., but I will say that the Thai people are wonderful!  We also weren't allowed to drink out of the tap the entire vacation - only bottled water (or soda or tropical fruity drinks).

Our main reason for going into Patong was to do some shopping.  We spent almost the whole time at the Jungceylon.  We probably could have gotten some better deals had we dealt with the outside vendors, but air conditioning and a food court go a long way in my book.

In the basement of the shopping area, they had lots of traditional items for sale and a spa.  Kurt got a foot massage, I got a manicure, and the kids tested out the fish spa.  Each took 30 minutes about cost between $6-$7.  Kelsie ended up not liking the fish, so the sweet ladies painted her nails instead.

We ate some yummy traditional Thai food and cooled off with ice cream sundaes at Swensons.

We found lots of cool little treasures including 2 white matching elephant dresses for the girls, a Diesel and Billabong shirt for Logan, puppets for the kids, a purse for me and one for Kelsie, a silk table runner, a handcrafted bowl with serving spoons, wood carved owls (for the girls bedroom in California), wood elephants and wooden wall hangings, earrings, some other clothes for me and the girls.  I really wish we would have brought more things back with us.  Buying things in Thailand is all about haggling...and there were some awesome things we just walked away from.

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