Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Four in Phuket

Sorry in advance for the picture overload. I intended to have nice family pictures taken on the beach, but Kelsie decided not to go along with my plan, so we have a bunch of random shots. :)

We had a lazy morning and nap time for everyone except Logan who hung out at the Kid's Club.

Awkward placing for this picture, but Kurt snapped it on the way to the beach.  Our hotel was FULL of Russians.  Everything throughout the resort was written in Thai, English, and Russian.  I personally have nothing wrong with Russians, except perhaps their choice of swimwear.  No matter their body size, there was an over abundance of speedos and bikinis.  I personally know that I should never even attempt a bikini...I wish others realized the same.
Mai Khao Beach is part of a National Park, so it is protected by the government.  Apparently turtles hatch their eggs here during the winter months.  Because it is protected, it is was very nice and relaxing - no people in your face trying to sell you things....

Avri, 9 1/2 months
Kelsie was being a stinker and had to go to the bathroom...which is why she's either not paying attention or missing in some of the pictures.

Logan, 6 years old

Another glimpse at our beach.  The water was like bath water.  So warm!  Unfortunately it dropped off fairly quickly, so it was hard for the kids to play in.

Kelsie and her coconut, age 4

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