Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Avri Update

Avri is almost 11 months old!  Time is flying by.  I've noticed a trend lately that most of her pictures have been in the her booster seat.  Well, despite her size...the girl loves to eat, and since I'm usually running around the house trying to get things done, these are sadly some of the few moments each day that I just get to sit and hang out with Avri.  She is growing up too fast.

She is starting to say more recognizable words - Mom, Dada, and some sort of "ssss" sound for Kelsie.  She and Kelsie spend a lot of time in the pack-n-play hanging out and playing.  Kelsie is a great, but sometimes over affectionate big sister.  She tries to carry her all over the place.

Avri hangs out A LOT in the pack-n-pack during the day.  Her brother and sister have tons of small toys and gates don't really work in this apartment or else I'd gate off a section for her. Don't feel too bad for her, the pack-n-play is loaded with tons of awesome toys.  We've noticed that she loves music...so the Elmo guitar has been a favorite lately.

Avri and her 4 little teeth.  We think more might be coming in because she has had a fever off and on for the past 3 days.  Poor little girl.

When Avri isn't in the pack-n-play she is a speed demon.  She crawls ALL over the place and has a ton of fun pulling herself up on things.  She LOVES the little kitchen Kurt's coworkers got her, along with the little piano.  She has a great time.

By the way, she HATES having things on her head. :(

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