Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kelsie Update: Bikes & Bars

Kelsie had quite the eventful week last week!  She learned to how to do the monkey bars at school AND ride her bike without training wheels!

Funny story about the bike - Although we live on a quiet street in a safe neighborhood, I'm apprehensive to just let the kids go play outside..and since I have Avri who is usually napping most of the afternoon, it's hard for me to go outside with the kids (usually just Kelsie...Logan usually hangs out inside).  Also, there isn't a grassy area of any type to just sit and relax and watch.  So, my deal with Kelsie is that she can usually play outside, BUT she has to stay inside the security gate of our apartment building.  Well, one day Kelsie ventured outside the gate and made friends with the neighbor girls from down the street.  I actually thought this was great and let her play outside with them because one of the girls is a little older and their mom is often outside with them.  Kelsie's normal bike had training wheels, so she began borrowing the girl's bike from down the street.  Everyday she'd beg to go see if the neighbors were home.  

One day I was napping with Avri (we had a couple really rough nights last week), when Kurt came home from work and asked if I knew Kelsie was outside riding a bike WITHOUT training wheels?!?  I was like, Huh?  Kelsie is outside?!?  She was riding the full length of our little street.  After a very big scolding on not going outside the security gates,  we were very excited for her and after a couple days Kurt took the training wheels off of her bike.

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