Thursday, May 30, 2013

Avri's 1st Birthday

The birthday girl kept her crown on long enough to snap off a couple pictures. :)
Avri has been such a joy in our family.  She is so fun.  She used to be very quiet mellow baby, but has quickly discovered that talking to the TV loudly (she thinks Skype is always on) and cruising all over the place is more fun.

During present time I think she loved the cards more than the presents, at least at first.

Her big present from Mom & Dad.  Each of our kids have gotten a little ride on car for their first birthday.  I'm pretty sure it's the perfect gift for their age.  We were smart this time and picked one out that didn't having any annoying music...and since we're in Japan, Kitty-chan seemed appropriate. :)

Cake Time:

While we were singing to her she keep reaching out towards the cake and scraping off the frosting with her fingers to get a preliminary taste.  It was really cute.

It's safe to say, she enjoyed her birthday cake.

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