Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy, Busy Girl

Instead of keeping Avri cooped up in the port-a-crib, we've been letting her explore more.  She is a very busy girl!  Her latest favorite thing is to climb up on the window seal and look outside the sliding glass doors (about 5 inches off of the ground).  She tries to play computer games with her brother, until he scoots her away.  She can walk around with her little push walker and is starting to stand by herself.  I'm pretty sure she'll be walking before too long.  Logan & Kelsie both walked around their first birthday.

Kurt has been working from home a lot this week, so we've been taking advantage of it!  On Tuesday we went out to lunch at Tengu - a yummy Japanese restaurant by our house.  In order to avoid the smoke (Smoking sections are still allowed in restaurants in Japan), we sat in a traditional Japanese dining room  and closed the sliding doors.  The table was just Avri's size (we were sitting on cushions).  She loved being able to play, while we enjoyed our food.

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