Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Typical Week

On my friend's blog she recently wrote about their day to day life.  I thought that it was a great idea since I usually just blog when we "do something".

Sundays - Since Kurt is the Ward Executive Secretary he has to attend Bishopric meetings that start at 6:30am.  The trains don't run very often that early in the morning, so he usually rides a bike to church, which is actually faster!  He can get to church in about 5 minutes, while it takes me about 15 minutes between walking and the train.  The kids and I get ready and try really hard to get to church by 9am.  Sometimes if it's raining we'll take a taxi to church.  It costs 710 yen since we're less than 2 km away.

After church is usually lunch and then mandatory nap time for the entire family. :)

Weekdays - Logan leaves for school at 8:10am and returns between 1:45 and 2:45pm depending on the day.  We usually wake up around 7:15am to get dressed (some mornings the kids get up earlier to watch TV and play), eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.  Logan's school provides lunch which is nice.  So, basically we just have to get him dressed and send him out the door.  Elementary school students walk to and from school by themselves.  After school Logan gets to play his computer, etc. for a little break.  I used to have him spend more time working in his English workbooks, but I haven't lately.  Some days we have no computer days and he'll play outside with Kelsie, read, play inside with Avri, or help me out.  He's an awesome, obedient little boy.

Kelsie doesn't have to be at school until around 9am.  She goes to school everyday, but on Wednesdays she has a short day and is done with school at 11:30am.  The rest of the days school ends at 2pm.  Kurt takes her to school on the bike or Avri and I walk with her to school.  It's a 500m walk, which takes 5-10 minutes depending on whether you get stopped by a red line or a train crossing.  Three days a week, I send lunches with her to school.  Most Japanese moms make awesome bentos for their children.  I am not that cool and I value my sleep. :)  Kelsie gets Mickey Mouse nuggets (from Costco), rice, carrots, and some kind of fruit for dessert most days.  After school, Kelsie sometimes naps...depending on if she or I need it. :)  Other days she rides her bike or scooter outside, watches movies with Logan, colors, plays with Avri, etc.

Bedtime is at 8pm, and to be honest if Kurt isn't home, it's sometimes earlier. :)

Avri just goes with the flow.  I try to make sure she gets her 2 naps in everyday.  She won't nap in the stroller, so if I'm going to be out and about I usually have to bring the Baby Ergo along.

Kurt's schedule is always different.  Technically, his office is in our bedroom.  However, since he does sales he's all over the place.  Lately, most meetings have been in Tokyo, but last year he went to Osaka, Nagoya, and Nagano a lot.  Next month he'll be going to India for a week.  As we get closer to leaving Japan, he'll most likely be traveling more outside of Japan.  This week most of his meetings were over the phone, so he was available to take Kelsie to school almost every day and even pick her up a couple days.  I love it when he's home because Avri's napping schedule doesn't always mesh is the kids' school schedule.  We also were able to go out for a couple lunch dates.  I can't really be apart for Avri for very long yet, so we try to get our dates in while the older two kids are at school (no need for a babysitter!).

And what about me?  You might be thinking WOW, with only one little one at home most of the time Rachel must have a ton of free time.  To which my reply would be, I wish.  Normal household chores take up a ton more time in Japan.  No automatic dishwasher.  Grocery stores don't open until 10am and freezer space is limited, which requires shopping more often.  Also, we don't have a car, so groceries are limited to what you can carry home or fit on your bike.  I just barely got a clothes dryer in December - before that I (sometimes with Kurt's help) had to hang all of our laundry to dry outside.  Also, there are tons of parents meetings between the 2 schools that we are required to attend. Lastly, I have an active, nursing baby.  In my "free time", I'm usually coordinating schedules for the 3 Japanese models who live in my apartment.

Saturdays - we generally try to do something fun and explore a part of Tokyo we haven't been to yet.  For the first part of last year I was either hugely pregnant or taking care of a newborn - so we didn't get out and see too many things.  This year, since we know we'll be leaving in December, we're trying to make the most of it!  In Japan, it's hard to find a hotel for 5 we usually do day trips.  Some days I wish we had a car, but the trains are pretty convenient.

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