Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Miki House Photoshoot

The kids' modeling jobs have slowed down a little bit recently (I'm not really was getting a little crazy for a while there), but they both seem to have some regular clients that really like to use them.  Kelsie did another photoshoot for Miki House that will come out late this summer (Fall/Winter Collection).  This is her 3rd shoot with them and as we were leaving one of the ladies in charge (you'd think I'd know their names by now) said, "See you next time Kelsie!" :)

I'm not allowed to post pictures of the actual shoot until the pictures are released, but Kelsie looked super cute!  I wish I could afford to buy the clothes!

We had a lot of down time at the shoot, so the girls had some fun playing together.  Kelsie is such a great big sister to Avri.

 Kelsie really wanted her picture taken here...this is on the platform at our station waiting for the train.

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