Monday, May 06, 2013

Toneri Park

Our friends told us about a great park a little over an hour from our house - Toneri Park.  We picnicked with our friends the Snells and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The kids loved playing in the splash ponds and the weather was perfect for it.

There was a lake in the middle of the park with a ton of people fishing.  Their poles were very interesting - no reels and they just let their poles sit in the water.  In the areas adjacent to the lake, kids were catching crawdads.

More proof that playground equipment banned in the US is shipped to Japan.  Logan made it to the very top.  He's becoming a pretty good climber.

Kelsie fell in love with this dog.

This was a cool "sledding" hill.  The line was too long, so we'll have to try it on a non-holiday. :)

Kurt, Bruce, & the kiddos.

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