Saturday, June 22, 2013

Asakusa & Saturday School

Logan had school on Saturday.  This happens about once a month or so.  This particular school day was also an Observation Day, meaning parents come and sit in class and observe what the kids are learning.  Kurt went to school when it first started, but our girls took a little longer to get ready...obviously.  I mean check Kelsie out!

Avri and I only made it until about 10:30am and then came home.  Kurt and Kelsie stayed until lunch time. 

 Some observations:
  • Logan sits by a sweet girl who does everything for him, like Mimi-chan did at yochien.  This is both  a good and bad thing....
  • Logan zones out when he doesn't understand what is going on, but I don't blame him.  I do the same thing.
  • He's good at Math.
  • Music class is super cute.  The whole class did a dance routine and sang, before practicing on their pianicas.  I thought this was cool, because it the US, some kids would have already been "too cool" to do something like that.  
  • When Logan thinks he is being bullied, he really isn't (at least from what we saw).  Usually he just doesn't understand what the kids are saying or what is going on.  For example, he and this other little boy have the same colored music bag.  Logan accidentally picked up the other boys.  When the boy took it back, he thought the boy was being mean.

After Logan got home from school, we got everyone ready and headed to the train station - Asakusa bound!

Logan keeping busy on the 50 minute train ride.

Sensoji Temple

We wandered around Nakimise Shopping Street shopping for my birthday presents.  The kids also had some money to spend that they earned modeling.  Kelsie bought a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and some sandals.  Logan bought a transformer.

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