Monday, June 03, 2013

Disney Sea

The kids decided a while back that they wanted to save the money they earned from modeling for a trip to Disney Sea.  By the time Mom and Aunt Nancy came to visit they had enough saved up!  They were so excited.  (We also celebrated Avri's birthday)

Last time we went to Disney around Christmas time the park was super crowded, so there were some rides that we really wanted to go on but weren't really waiting to wait in a 3 hour line.  This time also every ride we went on was new to our family.  Sadly, because we went on a Monday (Logan didn't have school) Kurt wasn't able to go.  We'll just have to go again before the end of the year. ;)

Logan was finally tall enough to go the Indiana Jones ride.  Mom and Nancy took him on it, while I hung out with the girls and ate popsicles.  Logan thought the ride was a little scary, but he survived.

Kelsie had LOTS of money to spend..and that she did.  Here she is modeling her Minnie glasses.

Arabian Peninsula

Avri's first ride (as a 1 year old) - Aquatopia.  She was a little freaked out, but she didn't cry.  She just held onto me really tight.

Tower of Terror.
Kelsie was finally tall enough for the Tower of Terror and she was SOOO excited to go on it...Unfortunately, no one else was.  We were hoping Kurt would be able to take her on it, but he couldn't come.  We told her she wouldn't be able to go on it, but as we were passing by it...Fast Passes were still available.  Darn it.  She was too cute to say no too.  Since there was no way we were getting Mom or Nancy on the ride, I took her.  She started freaking out when we first entered the mansion.  I gave her several opportunities to back out (hoping she would), but she didn't.  After the ride started she really started freaking out.  She held onto pulled my hair the entire ride. As we were getting off, she said she never wanted to go on it again. lol

The end of a great day.

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