Wednesday, June 05, 2013


We visited Odaiba Wednesday afternoon to do some souvenir/gift shopping.  Between mom and Nancy they had 14 grandkids to bring gifts home for, in addition to their kids.  A large portion of their trip was shopping for the perfect things to take home.

We shopped a little bit in DiverCity, visited the life-sized Gundham statue, and they headed to one of my favorite restaurants - Kua'Aina.  mmmm I love me a good avocado burger.

The view from the restaurant doesn't hurt either...

During our bus tour we took, we learned that Japan once borrowed France's Statue of Liberty for some big event (I was listening really well lol).  When the statue was returned to France, the Japanese people missed seeing it, so the government asked if they good make a replica of the statue.  They said it was ok, so it now resides in Odaiba.  It is much smaller than the statue in New York City.

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