Sunday, November 03, 2013

Avri Health Update

We were able to get Avri in to the Specialist at Primary Childrens Hospital last Friday.  She was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (not Rheumatoid Arthritis...which is a good thing!).  He prescribed her two different kinds of medication that should hopefully help her a lot.  One of them is really strong and she will only take it once a week, and we will need to see the doctor every 2 months.  Lucky for us, the doctor has a few colleagues at Stanford that he can refer us to once we're back in California.  Assuming we can the medication under control, it is very likely the arthritis should go into remission!

We still will be visiting a pediatric eye doctor and cardiologist.  More updates will be coming!  Avri is still the sweetest happiest little girl ever.

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