Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Our Visit with the Foz

Just got back from visiting the home of Jim Fosgate, inventor of surround sound, Dolby Pro Logic, and a mountain of other inventions. If you enjoy the sound in a movie theater, your car, or just listening to surround sound, you have him to thank for it. He's an amazing person. He also has one of the world's largest collections of audio and amplifier components. Shelf after shelf of neatly organized vacuum tubes going back decades.

Lots of firsts on that visit:
*First time I've seen a framed electronic schematic for a patented technology, let alone more than 15 of them.
*First time I've actually touched a real Emmy award.

*First time I've seen a real Cushman scooter (2 of them, fully restored).
*First time I've heard "the gold standard" of surround sound that all other Dolby surround sound system components were measured against before being submitted to the US Patent Office.
*First time I've seen that many Hudsons in one garage.

Wish more of you could have been there with us. I just wanted to hug the man for his work and contributions. He's a very humble/likable guy from very humble beginnings.


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