Sunday, February 09, 2014

Family Update

Baby Emi:  28 weeks.  Passed the glucose test with flying colors.  Getting to be more and more active.  Due April 30th.

Avri (20+ months):  Starting to talk more.  Knows several animal sounds.  LOVES her baby and taking care of her.  Weighs 18 pounds and is wearing 12-18 month clothing.  Arthritis is getting better, but she isn't progressing as quickly as the doctors have hoped.  They are increasing her methatrexate dosage, and Kurt will have to start giving her injections once a week instead of crushing up pills. :(  She is losing some of the muscle in one of her legs because of the way she compensates when she walks.  She'll have to undergo some physical therapy once the arthritis is under control.

Kelsie (5):  Attending Kreative Kids preschool and loving it. Just started playing soccer and seems to be enjoying it.  She is naturally pretty athletic.  Loves playing dress up, singing, my little ponies, and barbies.  Pretty typical girl.

 Logan (7): Doing great at Boulder Creek Elementary.  He seems to be making friends and enjoying learning some new things.  Also started soccer up again.  He scored his first 2 goals ever on Friday - pretty good for a kid that isn't too aggressive.  He is growing and eating a ton!

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