Monday, February 10, 2014

New Ward (kind of), New Callings

We've been settling back into our old ward comfortably over the last month or so....which is never a good thing, right? Guess it was time to shake things up...

I guess I'll start with me.  I've been called to serve as the 1st Counselor in our Young Womens.  It's a little strange since I haven't been in YW, since I was actually a YW.  It's a very small group of girls, probably 4 or 5 on a good day (all classes combined).  I'm looking forward to it.  Also one my best friends in our ward is the other counselor which should make the calling even a little more fun.  Maybe I'll score some good babysitters, so Kurt and I can go out on a date night!

We knew Kurt was in line to have a calling for quite a while.  He had visited with a member of the Stake Presidency and was told they had several callings to fill.  (Our membership records were even grabbed from our Utah ward before we even left for California. lol)

Well, last Sunday we were asked to come officially meet with the Stake President.  Kurt was called to the Bishop of our little San Lorenzo Valley Ward.  He was shocked and overwhelmed, but I kind of had a feeling it was coming.  I know he'll do a great job, and he has great counselors to work with.  

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