Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Survival Mode

I hate feeling like I am in "Survival Mode" and honestly I feel like that is how we've been living since returning to California.   Just when I think we're caught up on things and can invite friends over for dinner or to do something fun--someone gets sick, or Kurt gets a call for a meeting, or we have a week with half a dozen doctor appointments, or I realize there are tons of things we have to get done before Baby Emi arrives.  Sigh... who knows when life will be "normal" again, if ever.

Life with Kurt as Bishop actually hasn't been "bad" at all.  I am used to getting the kids ready for church on my own.  Since Kurt works from home and his schedule is somewhat flexible, he's able to get a lot of church "work" done during the week through email.  He has some great counselors and members of the Ward Council that he can delegate things too.

My calling has been going pretty well, other than EVERYONE has been so sick lately and the YW President was out of town for the first 3 weeks I was called.  I feel like I've pretty much been running the whole show.  I told Kurt maybe I'm just putting my extra hours in now so when the baby comes I won't feel guilty taking some time off to heal/adjust to life with 4 kids.
Making pinatas for the girls for an upcoming ward party during a Wednesday night activity.

Other than some stress and sickness (dang colds and coughs!), we are really happy to be home.  Either Kurt and I everyday comment how much we love living in Boulder Creek.  It is just so beautiful.
We also love the improvements we've made to our home, even though we still have a long list of things we still want to change.  We're trying to pay cash for everything, so things are taking a little longer  than I would have liked...but it will be better in the long run.

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