Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Heading to Osaka

Wednesday night we met up with Kurt at the Shinagawa Station to get our tickets for the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka.

It was a pretty late trip, but the kids were super excited for their first bullet train ride. Since we bought our tickets at the last minute we had to upgrade to the "Green Car". Darn.  The Green Car has lazy boy recliners for seats, nice foot rests, and a warm towel to wash your face and hands.

We arrived at our hotel pretty late and we were all exhausted.  Kurt had already made a trip to Nagano before meeting us in the evening.

Our room had two single beds...which are is kind of like 2 small double beds.  Kurt and I figured we could each share with a kid and be fine.  We are yet to stay in a hotel with 2 queen beds - you either get two singles or a king.  AND we stayed in American chain hotels (so Kurt can build up points for free stays elsewhere). It's strange.  Hotels also charge per person, not per room.  It makes it really hard to get a good deal travelling as a family. Lucky for us Kurt was travelling on business, so his company paid for the bulk of the stay and we just paid for the difference.

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