Monday, April 02, 2012

Park Day with the Cannons

This morning we met our friends the Cannons at Senzokuike Park to play and have a little picnic.  
Anthon and Ella have become two of Logan and Kelsie's best friends in Japan.

After we played a little bit, Logan wanted to take everyone to see the fish.  Shelley gave the kids bits of crackers and leftovers to feed the fish and ducks.  They had a great time.

While the cherry blossoms aren't quite out yet, probably half of the booths were open.  We had fun wandering around and seeing what they had.  Lots of game booths and food booths.

Dead fish on a stick anyone?

The kids enjoying yummy chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles.

Monkeys on display.  This one was wearing a diaper and shorts.

That one was wearing a ribbon scarf.

Logan eating his banana so the monkey wouldn't.

After the booths we wandered around the rest of the lake and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Spring is finally starting to appear.

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