Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day in Odaiba

This morning I decided to actually shower BEFORE the kids got home from Kurt suggested we go somewhere.  He knew he'd be busy in the evening and all day on Friday with work, so he had a couple free hours.  I've been wanting to go to Babies-r-us for a while to try to find some more newborn clothes for Avri, specifically a dress for church.  (I'd just like to note that other than the Gap I've been struggling finding clothes for the kids in Japan.  There aren't very many babies in Japan period.  They have very expensive baby boutiques, but I can't just bring myself to spend that much money on a tiny little outfit.)

Anyways, we decided to head to Odaiba - the closet Babies-r-us to our apartment...about 50 minutes away. As we walked out of the station my eyes were glued to this brand new mall....there was a sign for OLD NAVY on the building!!!  There are no Old Navys in Japan, or even out of the US I'm pretty sure.  Although we were here for Babiesrus, I told Kurt we were going there. :)

When we walked inside the mall, I was sad to find out that it isn't open yet. :(  I'm going to have to wait until at least July 12th.  I told Kurt that we will definitely be coming back out here in July!  We also saw an American Eagle Outfitters, but it wasn't open yet either.

Kurt didn't tell me until we were here, but the only reason he wanted to go to Odaiba was to see the giant (life-sized) Gundam Statue.  He was so excited.

Fuji-TV Building - one of Tokyo's most famous buildings.
It's the headquarters for Fuji-TV.  Most of their TV shows are filmed there.

Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty?

We had a great time getting out of the house.  It was a pretty peaceful outing without the big kids. :)  We got to see what else Odaiba had to offer, and we'll definitely be heading back.

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