Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Logan did a shoot yesterday for Right-On clothing.  Their fall/winter catalog comes out next month.  I'm not allowed to post some of the pictures yet, but the studio was so cool I decided to take a video.  This studio was on the same property as the shoot for Oceans Magazine last Thursday, but this particular one was much larger.  FYI Chiba is probably a little over an hour away from our home..without traffic.  It's much more "country-ish".  Lots of trees, farms, and definitely not as dense as Tokyo.

Here's a picture of Logan just hanging out with his new friend Thomas.  I'm so happy he makes friends so easily.

Waiting for his picture to be taken.  He'll have 3 pictures in this catalog - 1 group shot with all 4 kids and 2 solo shots.  The kids were dying in the heat.  Modeling fall/winter clothes in the dead of summer is no fun.

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