Sunday, August 05, 2012

Summer Fun in the HOT Japanese Sun

Before everyone thinks we've only been doing modeling shoots all summer break, I thought I better post about some of our other fun activities!  Last Monday we went to Higashi Chofu Koen ("East Chofu Park") with a group of friends.  Most of the ex-pats from our ward left to go back to the US for the summer, but luckily some of the best friends we've made so far were stuck in Japan this summer with us! :)

Anyways, we picnicked, tried out the bike park, and played in a stream before heading over to the swimming pools.  The pools were WAY cooler than I expected.  There were 2 inside pools and 2 outdoor pools.  The outdoor pools had waterslides - see Kelsie testing out the kiddy pool one above.

Above is the whole bunch of kids we've been hanging out with...

On Friday we got to see everyone again for Evan's Pirate Party celebrating his 3rd birthday!  The kids went on a treasure hunt at the park next to the Gilbert's house.

All of the kiddos watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  They were so cute and even situated themselves like that.

Lastly, just a random shot of the kids watching TV before church this morning. :)

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