Friday, January 18, 2013

Week #3: Food

Kurt and I originally planned to eat at our favorite "fancy" restaurant this week to take an amazing picture and to celebrate our first year anniversary in Japan...but they were booked up. :(

So, instead Kurt and I went out to lunch to a small local Japanese restaurant that is around the corner from our house.  We hadn't been there before.  It was cute and quaint.

Kurt ordered me a traditional Japanese dish - Omu-rice.  It was yummy.  Maybe not yummy enough to order over and over again, but definitely edible. :)

The best part of lunch (besides spending time with Kurt) was the owner/hostess.  She was an adorable older Japanese woman.  She asked to hold Avri and then proceeded to show her off to the cook (probably her husband), the other customers in the restaurant, and her friend who owned a shop across the street.  Yes, she took Avri outside to show her off.  I love Japanese people, especially older women...and I love that Japan is safe enough that I actually was fine letting her take Avri.

Kurt's "Food" photo:

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